Join Our Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program

Feb 15th 2014

Hollywood Weekly Magazine is Growing Worldwide!

We are excited to announce that you can now become a Hollywood Weekly Ambassador. This is how our program works. Hollywood Weekly's "KOBE" Tribute is part of our new 'Collectible" series. A quick look on  shows similar Vintage Sports Memorabilia are selling their tribute issues for as much as $39.95 and more. As our Affiliate Ambassador you can order directly from the publisher for $8.99 plus shipping. 

Once you receive your order, set up you own distribution channels in your neighborhood and send us a photos with Hollywood Weekly on sale at the store that wishes to sell our magazine. You can then order additional copies for only $5 each as sell for whatever price you wish! 

Make Extra Selling Ads

Looking to make even more by selling advertising in HW Magazine? Once you set up distribution and the merchant agrees to sell Hollywood Weekly Magazine you can sell full page ads and receive $100 dollar commission by selling full pages ads for only $250 with Free Graphic Design Service for your customers.

Get Started Today! 

Purchase your KOBE Tribute issue on our website and we will send your Complete Starter's Kit TODAY!